the artist`s hands: BUFF DISS

The artist's hands: Buff Diss


Camera: Polaroid COLORPACK II

Film: Fuji FP-100C


Once you decide, you must go ahead.

Otherwise your enemy is inside.

And you loose too much time fighting for nothing.

Discover the right place.

And make it your home.


Cameras: Pentacon Six / Belair X 6-12

Film: Fuji Pro 400H

Camera: ZENITH 122

Film: Fuji Provia 400

001 003 007b 007c 010 018 020 025 026 030B 030C 032B 032D 038 040 060


100 103 101 104 105 105B 107 107b 108 109 IMACb396 IMACb398 IMACb399 IMACb407 IMACb410 IMACb434 IMACb454A IMACb454B IMACb454D IMACb460


Watch the video!

by Goyo VN and Sergio Bang  // //


You can check Buff´s work at:

And follow him everyday via:

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