A project with two legs. Both based in analog processes to create images. On one hand Photography, Silkscreen printing on the other. Both of them with light as main character. And both wishing to be watched on a wall.

Acetate is the basis for the photographic emulsion. Screen printing uses a silk screen as the basis for photo emulsion. From this coincidence raises the chance to join to artists’ creation: Goyo VN, focused on the photographic image, and Alles Allein, who adds his hand pulled silkscreens, and now is living in Madrid. A collaborative project with a starting point but not a decided place to reach. this project lives in this web site for everyone’s use, enjoy and destruction. If any of you want to have a piece of this project in your house, you can buy some pieces at our  ”print shop” in a easy, fast and secure way. We are gentlemen.

Each artist has his own personality. But they want to mix them. To create a superartist, a mixed character, an intimate mixing individuality. Let’s see what happens.

Life is fading fast.
Let’s move faster.


The analog process is capable of filling our minds with unique moments while handling materials. It’s dirty, it’s unique, it is LIFE. It assumes an intimacy between the artist and the process, which is addictive. No matter our transcendence than living the excitement of creating. Decide one way and follow it until the end, without hesitation and with the clear intention of arriving somewhere. Whatever the result is. And learn. Make new things and live. To touch the acetate in a darkroom, the paint on the screen, ink mixing or to choose a lens. Just walk until the end. And then choose another path to follow. We’ll see where we finish. And you can be our witness if you wish to.